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Become the most visible contractor in your local market

Masters of One

Getting our clients a high, sustainable ROI through advertising is our sole speciality and focus.

We get growth focused contractors directly in front of the 1000's of locals actively searching in need for their services...  And in way that will actually get then them picking up the phone and calling.

Guaranteed Results

Work with us risk free.  If you're not happy after your first month of advertising, we'll refund our fee completely.


Here's what local contractors are saying about us!

"Josh has helped me with my online presence, he assisted me every step of the way with the initial set up so that he can take the reigns and generate leads for my company, he’s achieved this very well and the leads now far outweigh the costs, he’s also helped with my conversion rate from the leads from the google advertising campaign to in excess of 80% by making great suggestions to my telephone sales strategy. He’s offered not only the service that works behind the scenes but also suggestions on how to maximise the returns once people call. Highly recommend if you’re looking to grow your contracting business."

"Josh has helped enormously with putting my Electrical company on the map and increasing the workload via his google ads campaign.I cant thank josh enough and look forward to working with him in the coming months."

Shaun Kemp

Director, SK Electrical Australia Pty Ltd

Liam Leeks

Owner, Blue Phoenix Electrical

"Josh has been working for a few months on my online google ads campaign for my electrical business. the results so far have been fantastic! he fully utilised an a an array of online tools and communication methods to ensure that not only did my ads get through to potential leads but they also got through to me and I could keep a track of them. he's always reliable and kept in communication with me. I would recommend his services to anyone!"

"Josh has allowed me to take my business to the next level with his marketing strategies. I highly recommend Josh for his professionalism and joy to work with."

Tom Cremore

Owner, Kent Fused Electrical

Hai Nguyen

Owner, Newin Building Estimating

Search Advertising Specialists

Why Choose a Google Ads Specialist?

We aren't a web design or SEO agency that offers ads as a tack on service...  We're a dedicated Google advertising agency that specialises in turning locals that're searching online for the services you provide into direct inbound leads to your business at the highest rates in the market.

Fast Results

High ROI


We know exactly what works and what doesn't.  From the moment your campaign is launched, you can expect the calls to start flooding in from you market that are actively seeking out your services and ready buy.

With a combination of ads that zero in on your target market right at the moment they're ready to buy, custom landing pages guaranteed to get people picking up the phone and calling and a lead management system that will ensure no calls get missed and no quote gets lost, your advertising spend will be well worth and then some.

Once an advertising campaign through google is dialled in and providing a stable, consistent ROI, it's simply a matter of upping the budget to drive more estimates to your business and scale.

How We Deliver

Our 3-Part Framework For Delivering 40+ Inbound Calls per Month on Autopilot

Our system is designed and optimised to for one specific purpose - To get as many people calling you for your services at the lowest possible advertising costs. 

Strategically attract clicks from buyers searching for your services.

Send them to a page designed specifically to get them picking up the phone and calling you.

Track leads and ROI closely through our lead management and call reporting system.

Targeted Google Ads

Getting directly in front of those in need of your services right at the time they're searching for them.

When a term is searched into to google by someone in your service area that shows clear intent they are actively seeking out the services you provide, we want your business to be the first thing they see.  When presented in a way that matches perfectly to what they're seeking out and with strong calls to action to incentivise them to click, we can make it a no-brainer for them to go to you first. 

Conversion Focused Landing Pages

Sending ad traffic to pages that are specifically designed and optimised to get buyers picking up the phone and calling 

Landing pages are single page websites designed specifically to work as a direct extension of your ads.  A well designed landing page matches the buying intent of the phrase they used to search and the ad they clicked on.  This message match, when supported with strong call to actions, social proof testimonials, authentic company images and clear information regarding the services you provide will create a laser focused, distraction free user experienced that will get buys to take the plunge and actually call you (as opposed to leaving your site with external links and getting lost in irrelevant information).   

Tracking and Lead Management

Closely track every lead's stage in the buying process and monitor you ROI to the decimal

When we’re busy with our day to day running of our businesses, we forget about calls we’ve received and quotes given out that don’t get responded to. This is costing businesses thousands per year, and that’s why all your data from inbound leads is recorded and easily manageable in our CRM platform, which allows you to easily track which leads have been quoted, which jobs you have won, your exact ROI from those jobs and who to follow-up with and when to maximise your returns and ensure nothing slips through the cracks.


Video Testimonials

Video Testimonial - Kent Fused Electrical

Video Testimonial - Newin Building Estimating

Our clients love our transparency, close communication and the high ROI they're receiving from their advertising campaigns

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Advertising that gets your business directly in front of locals in need of your services, right at the time they're searching for them

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